When times

When times In cruel times of the Stone Age ancient people, fighting for a survival, were much more gentle and kinder to the children.

They are considered as the most skilled parents of all times.

The neuroscience proved that they were right at children whom love and of which care, the internal feeling of tranquillity and force develops.

Resilience in further life eats the feelings of safety and kindness put inside.

When times become difficult, those whom strongly love continue to live.

Thanks to Penelope Lich, Sheila Kissinger, T.

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But how it everything

But how it everything One of directors of such chain published the aspiration to create a strong brand that you, having entered one of child care facilities, at once understood that it belongs to it.

Everything would be identical: one decor, one uniform at workers, for all children standard toys.

But how it everything is connected with care of children?

It is unworthy practice, and still the initiative was perfectly rewarded.

Owners of a day nursery, inspectors and parents were bought on appearance, and the essence of good care of children simply was not taken into account.

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For example, such

For example, such Parents often let know to children: If you made a mistake, you have to wash away guilt.

For example, such situation when parents speak is frequent: What it you took seat to watch TV here?

And well march to the room.

You played a dirty trick on me, broke, broke something and now sit, TV watch?

You have to feel bad, to you it should not be good after you made a mistake!

Instead we have to teach the child to study on the mistakes not because time came to call it for responsibility and to make certain amendments to his behavior and to help it to eliminate consequences of the mistake, that is, to develop more useful skill.

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It completely

It completely My son often receives praises from me, but that not less he still awfully is afraid of failures.

It completely loses presence of mind if it tries something and does not so.

It is possible to help something to it with such situation?

Here some ways which can help re benka.

When he is upset, do not try to reduce him grief There is nothing to be upset.

Instead of this ska zhit that, in your opinion, he can test.

It can be very annoyingly so long the slave the Tat over the project and not to receive desirable result!

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If you have

If you have Every day when occurs that nibud good between you and your child it next layer of its life experience.

If you have a work the ny period, hope that there will be an advance also there will be new layers of experience which you would like to transfer to your child.

Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy Effective strategy it is disciplined As always, consider those approaches which to you seem correct and suitable for age, level of a ponim niya and temperament of your child see.

You in a harmony with distsip Lina?

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